When you talk to other devs about what their code did. I also relate myself to this.

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    This is more relate than it should be...
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    What. I need to know afterwards what my code does ? 😂
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    Then how does it work?
    Patrick: It fucks your mother, steals her clothes, never calls her back, 10 years later point a gun at her head and asks "how does it work", That's what it does.
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    It's all good, because you can just read the three years worth of commit entries - oh wait, the commit comment is always just "added change". But wait, you found the Doc folder! Your faith is restored. That is, until you discover no one every properly configured the tool that generates the docs, and it was only really run that one time that management decided it was dire that everything be documented (and subsequently lost interest in).
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    I don't see the point in that being a meme...
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    This is how I feel with T-SQL. Last time I did anything of significance, I stepped back afterwards, and it was like Egyptian hieroglyphics.
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