Fixing a parents iPhone, episode 1.

Problem: "Whatsapp is gone off my phone"


Me: *unlocks phone and sees whatsapp*, it's right here.

Mam: no, I no that I can't see my messages.

Me: ok, that is definitely not what "whatsapp is gone off my phone means".

*opens whatsapp*
*inside add contact screen*

App seems ok, your trying to add a contact?

Mam: that's a problem, whenever I open it I only see that page.

Me: *taps cancel button with shocked face*

Mam: omg there's my messages, how did you do that?

Me: ... ... ... I tapped the very easy to see, large cancel button in the top right hand corner.

Mam: but why was it opened there?

Me: *looks at opened message from unknown number*

If I was to hazard a guess, now stay with me on this one as it's a bit complex. I think ... I THINK ... you clicked the "add to contacts" button on the screen in front of you.

I am suspicious of one thing though.

Mam: what's that?

Me: how you managed to click the add contacts button, and when brought to the add contacts screen, you assume the app is broken.

Mam: oh will you **** off you sarcastic little ****. Thank you very much.

Me: no prob, 4 year computer science course put to great use.

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    Been there, with similar situations haha
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    I fucking hate dealing with that
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    Your username is good.
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    So. Many. Times.
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    Sarcasm is the best option. Whenever I'm debugging stuff (via skype and teamviewer, mind you) and my father asks me "Do you think the internet is down?" I reply "Of course, I'm right beside you, in that chair I can see through my screen."
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    @SlackOverflow lucky me, my dad knows his way very well with the computer. And mom says she knows less than she really does. But whenever I can't fix something on her laptop she'll say "eh, maybe in 4 years of cs you'll be able to fix it"
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    That's why a proper back button is helpful :P
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    For some reason i read this rant in a British accent... Please tell me the second **** was twat
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    Dad = hey son, i cant receive or send whatsapp messages
    Me; open screen, pull down notification bar (android), activate wireless, giving phone back
    Dad = tell me how did you fix my phone
    Me = too complex dad, too complex 😓😓
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    @TilkiBey it's sentences like this from people who know tech, that completely scares people away from learning anything they don't know...
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    @Jijel my parents whenever I can't fix what they need me to: "What are you doing in uni then?" 😒
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    My dad is too autonomous, he even managed to brick an Android phone trying to fix an speaker issue. He just calls me to say "I effed up".

    My mom... I installed her a Windows-like launcher because she was lot on Android, too many options.

    My ex mother-in-law keeps asking me for help because her son won't explain her what he's doing and she doesn't like that.

    Yeah, a full career on mobile development pays 😛
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    But always keep in mind that your parents once taught you to hold a fucking spoon or how to take a shit properly...
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    @iadt but I didn't tell them the toilet is broken, because I used it
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    @EelOnMosque blimey! for some bloody reason I did too
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    Had to deal with a

    "Useless expensive trash" Surface book Pro that was bought a week ago and was only giving a black screen and a white cursor

    Talked to my step-mum over the phone, getting her to shut it down, try boot safe mode etc. None of it worked.... She finally came over and I forced shut it down.... Turned it back on and voila it was fine :/

    Family hates technology even though all their issues are user error
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    @Cyan101 the term for this kind of stuff is "a 40cm problem".

    Meaning the problem is sitting 40cm away from the screen.
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    @practiseSafeHex lmao, I'll remember that xD
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