I got an extremely hard task in the morning, I asked for some clarification and I got them at 13.23.
Boss ask for updates at 13.45 (during lunch pause).
I work on it 2 hours like never before, he calls me and I said I can manage to finish in half an hour + testing.

I work more 10-15 minutes, time is around 16.15.

2 other enormous bugs shows up on the same project, boss ask me to take care of them, and I manage in only 2h to look up something like 40 web pages and correct each of them, write reports and inform the affected people. After it I work more 15 minutes to report and finish small tasks. Ended up working almost 1h more on a non paid extra time working contract.

In the morning, while my boss was aware I spent that time

In the morning boss ask "everything went fine with the big project, right?"


I already got a burnout from this job, I really can't go on like this.

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    This picture will tell better than me what to do in these kinds of situations.

    Stay strong, no need to ruin your life for your passion
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    Isn't after hours work always unpaid? It has been everywhere I've worked.
    I still do overtime tho, gives me an edge over my colleagues who don't in experience and sets me up for a raise/promotion before them. Worked well so far.
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