Ugh, tried to update to high Sierra, it has been like half an hour and still it's stuck here saying the same thing "44 minutes". What should I do guys?

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    Maybe check your internet connection.
    I thought this update bullshit was copyrighted by Microsoft !!
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    @Aitkotw naaaa Apple also has this type of shit, what is even worse, lets assume I downloaded 4GB out of 5GB for XCode, if I have a tiny connection disconnection for a millisecond THAT SHIT WILL RESTART FROM THE BEGINNING now imagine having a 2Mbit internet, life will be so fucking amazing :)
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    @Aitkotw it's stuck in the installation process during b00ting, if this messes up, I will ditch mac os forever and will go Linux completely (no partition shit)
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    @rik61072 give it time at work it took two to three hours to update.

    DONT EVER think of powering it off. the new update has a new file system it needs to migrate your data or your HDD will need a full format to fix

    Just leave it there it will be over soon.
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    I got it updated in half an hour, altough I don't really see much improvements from Sierra
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    @gitpush thanx man, lol I was about to do that. Didn't know about the new file system thing.
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    Yes APFS
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    @rik61072 that was a close call lol Good luck man

    @localjoost you should in some places, since you said half an hour I'm guessing you have an SSD you should see improvements (even if tiny) in copying files.
    For me the improvement I saw was a more responsive system
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    @gitpush Yeah copying files is definitely a little faster. Although, since High Sierra there's a sort of glitch inside video's on the web which autoplay on load. Have you noticed that too?
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    @localjoost I haven't can you give me a link of a website that does this? Because all I can think of is Youtube and it does auto play its videos
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    @gitpush It's basically on every site but not always. And because you haven't noticed any glitch it's probably just me.

    // Sidenote: It's the latest 13 inch MacBook Pro
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    @localjoost I'll keep an eye open I usually have my speakers mute I'll only notice if my internet is crippled lol
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