Right now someone at Google is coding something useless for us to laugh at on April Fools.

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    They must be done with it by now. And knowing google they have annual competitions across departments for who can come up with the most creative and plausible joke.
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    I wouldn't mind being that guy. However, Google might mind. Ya'll ain't ready for that day.
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    It's not useless if it makes people laugh :)
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    @RTRMS hence why we have 21 chat apps.
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    @nblackburn is that how many it is, well they released 2 more last I checked. 1 for ios that does some strange thing and another for Android that does some other strange thing. And no, they do strange things together.
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    @RTRMS I was being a little sarky but there is a few.
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    "Wave", anyone?
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    This mean that you still didn't get invited to "google optimise". 🤣
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    @karasube Now it's been replaced by smarter messengers like Slack and better collaboration/integration tools in Google docs, but Google wave was quite awesome when it came out. Not perfect, but a cool preview of what was to come.
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    And that's how they make a dent on the universe, solving problems that matter :D
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    I wouldn't mind if it is fun!
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    google is webmasters.
    with that kind of manpower they should have gotten GPAI a decade ago.
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    very great quote))
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