Silver spooned europeans get to spend new year's eve partying and getting drunk not having to worry about a damn thing since their government has got them covered with the first of January being a public holiday.

No currency devaluation, no slave labour, no care in the world.

Happy new year motherfuckers

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    Sounds like you should be angry at your failing government instead of others who are better off

    Looks like the propaganda worked in your country 😏

    Go on, keep going. I'm sure this misdirected hatred will resolve your problems x
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    @MammaNeedHummus let the man rant :)

    still much better than sid's and ostream's nonsense
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    @MammaNeedHummus I am mad at my failing government but there's nothing I can do about it, if you were in my shoes you'd understand where I'm coming from, luckily for you you don't have to.
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    While I agree that as a UK citizen, I have a better life than people in most countries, I was born into this through no fault of my own. That shouldn't be held against me unless I have used it in a an entitled way.
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    @cmarshall10450 yeah, but what even is "an entitled way"? We all try to make the best of Life with the cards we were dealt. Should you feel bad if you try to do the best you can with good cards? Obviously not. So what does it even mean "using" something in an "entitled way"? Does it mean that you can perfectly validly use it if you appreciate it more? And if so, what difference does it really make? What if you only realize what you have through being entitled? Does it make you a bad person just because you felt entitled through 60% of your life if at 60.01% you realized you can help people? What if not feeling entitled meant you'd never get into position to help people in the future? What if you threw a lot of possibilities out the window just because society told you to? What if in effect that meant you didn't save 5000 orphans, because you were led to believe that you are too lucky in life, and others told you that It's unfair? What of you wasted potential for change?
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    @UberSalt spill the juice, where you're coming from?
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    @UberSalt aww, at least you have pyramids. That's fun
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    @retoor Where you from?
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    @UberSalt Netherlands
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    @retoor Damn, you must be as tall as a pyramid

    Share some of your weed maaan? me needa chillax rn
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    @jestdotty *looks at profile*
    location: Canada
    *closes profile*
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