Best way to remove and hide pimple 😂


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    using a css class instead of an id, would be better.
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    @plusgut well here it's a woman, so pimples are generally lonely and unique - for men we should use a class yeah
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    @Phlisg you know that this isn't true, do you?
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    @plusgut well of course, just making it up
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    @Nitroretro you will get that title css-nerd title from me, if you make the pimple blink with keyframes ;)
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    @Nitroretro transition wouldn't help you, afaik they just would trigger if a new pimple would pop up.

    Keyframes alone should do the job, but I have to admit, that I'm not much of a css guy. Other people do that for me.
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    @Nitroretro ah right, you got me. I was mixing stuff together the wrong way.

    You are right, you would need transition and keyframes.
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