Today in IT class our teacher said: 'you can only use char and int in a switch statement'

I was confused because I was 100% sure that you could also use string and so when I got out of school I immediately looked it up.

It is true, well it was true until 2011 when Java 7 was released which added the possibility to also use the string data type in switch statements.

In this I see a huge problem with the education system. Teachers (almost) never 'update' their knowledge and then teach outdated stuff to their pupils. While this may not be a problem in some subjects, it definitely is a huge problem in IT.

The development world is always evolving but if the teachers don't follow along the pupils get taught outdated stuff which, in my opinion, is a really big problem when they finish school and go out in the world to find jobs.

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    My IT teacher is the opposite, he uses all the new goodies in ES6. And he wants us to use the newest stuff as well ☺️
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    @olback I gotta move to sweden
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    Well teaching the old stuff has also some perks too... it’s like learning an old programming language so that you are able to fundamentally acquire techniques that will be useful when you encounter the uncertain situation rather than relying on good new technology that only used defined function and you wouldn’t care about how you do things :)
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    You are lucky if they 'just' tell you outdated stuff, my teachers often told me things which are just plain wrong.

    The database teacher: 'database index are needed for the usermanagement'.

    Yea.. that's just not true. sure you can index your usertable, but that's about it. They are not *needed*, they are for improving read performance, for any table.
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    What wow, I did think that only values that can be represented as an int can be used for switch statements. Although I do cpp.. not sure.
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    Coming from Ruby, this is very hard to believe.
    I can use literally anything in a switch or its cases: String, Fixnum, Error, Range, Class, Regex, lambda, ...
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    Well mine says using lambdas are bad practice because if you go to university you'll learn languages without them and then you'll be surprised.
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    Very important information!!
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    I also see this as a big problem in education. It's very important for teachers to update their materials all the time to provide students with the most relevant and new information. For example, recently, thanks to this source, https://topwritersreview.com/blog/... I learned a lot of new information for myself. Writing various works has always been difficult for me, so this kind of help is very meaningful to me.
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