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    Yes, nokia 9210 did have a spreadsheet application, but no, it could not be used to text ;)
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    On a nokia, can you imagne
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    The worst is on fb when died people write you msg
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    I think her boyfriend still hasn't answered.
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    is tha possible ? let me guess
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    Ah the year of xml i guess
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    Maybe some weird VBA script going on
    .. 😂
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    =SUM(Oh, man. Now I see why people don't answer to text messages, they krep opening the wrong app.)*Sheet2_B23
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    I was owner that ☎️! Nokia
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    @Nanos I can't find any specs, price or even kickstarter etc. is that just some parody?
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    @Nanos ++ all of it, interesting stuff, thanks! Addressing the gemini though, in the video you linked they talk about "it's a phone but then you open it and it becomes a laptop", thats not the case as much as I see though? you cant just close it and use the phone, you would have to have the keyboard in your face if you actually would want to call with it lol, still pretty cool device, wonder if they manage to fuck that up like 99% of all backed projects.

    The edit bug would be a question for @dfox though.
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