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    Yes, nokia 9210 did have a spreadsheet application, but no, it could not be used to text ;)
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    On a nokia, can you imagne
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    The worst is on fb when died people write you msg
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    I think her boyfriend still hasn't answered.
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    is tha possible ? let me guess
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    Ah the year of xml i guess
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    Maybe some weird VBA script going on
    .. 😂
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    =SUM(Oh, man. Now I see why people don't answer to text messages, they krep opening the wrong app.)*Sheet2_B23
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    I was owner that ☎️! Nokia
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    I still use my Nokia Communicator..

    What's the betting when I upgrade to some modern Android thing, that it will be slower and not do the things I want !

    I'll be getting one of these:

    Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

    (When I say getting, I mean, already got but have to retrofit a SIM slot to it so I can use it..)

    What I'd really like is one of these:



    But what I want and what I can afford are two different things..

    Maybe in a decades time when the price of it second hand is within my budget !
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    New Gemini PDA, nice big keyboard with number row !
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    @Nanos I can't find any specs, price or even kickstarter etc. is that just some parody?
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    Assuming you are asking about the Gemini PDA and not the:

    > Motorola PHOTON Q 4G LTE Review
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    Mmm.. I wonder why the first link has got cut off that I posted, lets try that again:

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    > Checking out a Phone with Android,
    > Linux & a Physical Keyboard
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    I used to have one of these:

    > Sharp PC-3000 Palmtop MS-DOS Computer
    > Booting from 3.5" Drive

    Though not with a floppy drive. :-)

    With dual 1Mb RAM cards !

    Much faster than floppies !

    In fact, you could run it at 5Mhz and it would do basic WordProcessing faster than MS Word on my 3.4Ghz 4 core Intel machine !

    Plus in a 9,6k RS232 modem to it, and you do email. :-)

    Nice large keyboard on it, and big screen, ran off 3 * AA batteries.
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    For a while I had one of these:


    Takes a SIM so you can use it as a phone. (Sadly mine is broke now since the screen sensor went kerfooly.)

    But without a physical keyboard isn't so nice to use, and being so large, you can easily suffer tennis elblow issues with it when you hold it for too long with one hand !

    As such, I prefer phones with some space you can hold them without the touch screen thinking you want to do something you really don't want to do !
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    I wonder if editing a comment then shorterns the URL you typed in previously.. ?
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    @Nanos ++ all of it, interesting stuff, thanks! Addressing the gemini though, in the video you linked they talk about "it's a phone but then you open it and it becomes a laptop", thats not the case as much as I see though? you cant just close it and use the phone, you would have to have the keyboard in your face if you actually would want to call with it lol, still pretty cool device, wonder if they manage to fuck that up like 99% of all backed projects.

    The edit bug would be a question for @dfox though.
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    > you cant just close it and use the phone

    Yeah, that part seems not well thought out !

    The Gemini Devices Thablet I had made making phone calls really quite difficult.

    The Nokia Communicator series meanwhile, much easier.

    Perhaps the next version will address these issues better.

    I see in the news:


    But it sounds offhand as if its going to have just a small keyboard, like the Dell Venue Pro:


    Which I have one of, but not a great fan of it !

    The keyboard back light goes out way too fast when you are trying to type on it, and the keyboard is really really small.

    And its a complete nightmare to develop on !

    Plus with them now dropping Silverlight..
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