Have you ever tried to get something working in node.js... and the version and uninstall and reinstall... hours and hours of dicking around with this god damn raspberry pi zero only to find that node jack shit does not support the "older" ARM 6 processor on the newest raspberry pi zero Wi-Fi units. And omg the amateurs out there with the copy-paste half-assed "help" clogging out the real info. God damn hobby ware.

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    >dicking around
    I'm not sure what I should tell you..
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    Why do you keep using it when you seem to hate it so much?

    Just "piss machine code" like you allegedly do 🤣
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    I'm ripping and replicating a nodejs based solution right now. Currently it's buggy, slow, and bloated, requiring a system with 512MB of memory (raspberry pi) and a full desktop OS (linux).

    The key is to validate it's operation as the "working functional specification" then black box analyze it's operations to replicate it. Just getting it to run is a major PITA.

    When I am finished, it will run on a micro controller that fits inside of a USB cable head ultimately without a desktop OS (linux) to support the product's runtime. (think bluetooth USB donegal size).

    IoT... battery stingy, inexpensive at under $1 for the hardware in bulk.

    But dealing with nodejs and the javascript has been like untwisting 6 ft of a heavily knotted herringbone necklace.

    and you wonder why I rant!
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    @xcodesucks Well what you're trying to replicate is either some horrible spaghetti code or you just don't know how JS works. It shouldn't be that hard to understand it, might just take some time if it's a larger application. Like with any language.
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    @Froot it is spaghetti with mold. There are returns all over the place, side effects, and just the insane number of files it uses all over the place keeps most people from ever getting the javascript product from running at all. Its pretty much the same thing I see whenever I open something written in javascript. A 9 mile long function with rat turds like if(a == 'stop') return; in it. No discipline, written as if nobody else will ever need to read it and likely confuse the author in a year. But I just need to watch it run because the interface it has to talk to is highly structured and what the moron did in the javascript to get there will be immaterial... if I can just get the thing to run more than once before eating it's own lunch.
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    @xcodesucks Well it seems like you have had some bad luck with JS. Tho there is no doubt more bad devs in JS than in most languages but that's not really the language's fault :P

    ... i can't type any more... too tired... need sleep 😄 ...
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