I don't have many friends. I don't know if I need them or not. I feel like I should be focusing on my works rather than making friends or talking to people. But I don't if it will work

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    Not everybody has the same need or want for friends. But I think most can agree that your personal life should come before work 😄
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    What @ScriptCoded said, but to add on that - don't feel the pressure and focus on looking for the friends specifically (unless you really feel lonely and you think you should but i understand that's not the case). It usually happens organically with the people in your environment. And a workplace is a good space for that. Some of my best friends are people i met at work
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    Depends. Good friends are much better for your soul and work is just a job at the eod

    Work is much more fickle than friends
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    a good dev is a secluded hermit !

    just kidding !

    you need friends and a network, humans have some good sides you may want to explore.

    It took me years to learn that lesson
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