What the fuck? Been trying to see rants all day long at work and at home and DevRant was super weird as if I wasnt connected, which I was...

Tested jsrant.com and the api was working...

Connected to a VPN on digital ocean and everything works flawlessly, dinconected from VPN and DevRant is off again...

Now on VPN... Wtf...

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    Don't know what the issue is, probably with my home/work ISP, they are the same, lols

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    Doesn't seem to be an issue with devrant servers itself as I've been using it all day. Maybe your DNS or network settings?
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    I've had problems with notifications as well
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    @dsteiner thats a common issue, especially if you have devrant on multiple devices installed
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    That’s odd. I have no idea what that would be. We haven’t had any other reports of any issues today and also none of our monitoring has shown any problems.
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