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F*** it. Seriously.

I am sure someone of u guys know I am applying for CS class.

I passed the test, and seems i failed the interview.

They asked me how i solved the problem in the test (the one i passed)

I explained, then, it seems the time(15min) has passed, so i came out while i was talking. They didn't asked my skills or interest, it was just explaining how i solved the question.

And the kid who got picked is the kid who did his final year project with scratch.

Fuck why.....

I just can't understand with the results.

1. WTF was that interview.
2. We first sent "about me" thingy, and i guess they only read that even though it may be fake. I wrote my skills (the one in profile especially unity and c# with some interest in ai and ml) but i guess they are looking for something else.
3. How can a scratch kiddy go to CS class? Maybe it was bcuz of the name. The final project name was BetaGo. Fuck it.

I hate life. Damn it. I hate life.


I thought for a moment, and the only way to succeed is to make the 2nd monument valley game. World famous, money, awesome life.
Just my thoughts. Random thoughts.

Thanks for reading til here. My mind is shaking now.
Thanks again.

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    @CozyPlane You'll never know until they tell you the reason, or until you ask. That's feedback. You'll get plenty of lemons in life, that's your first one. It's natural you're let down, but grab this opportunity you're given. You have the ambition and skills, start looking elsewhere. Learn what are the prerequisites and aim for there.
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    Plenty of other classes or programs out there. Or hang your own shingle and start your own business. You'll be fine.
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    You might be beating yourself up now but you'll have the last laugh when you see them fail. Good luck to you dude.
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