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    You missed the downvoting part!
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    > Bob, why should we let you sign up?
    *Bob --'s the question*
    > welcome aboard!
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    Possible duplicate of other manager.
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    Is this an actual cyanide and happiness web strip or fan made?
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    @tacticalKimchi that's a stupid question.
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    Please check the question you have asked
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    @sachintripathi do you have a link to the original? :)
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    This describes my feeling after writing my first question on stack overflow so well
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    Why are people so mean on there?
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    @willard same question, that need to be answered!!
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    @kaizen Probably because the site has high standards, so it attracts people that look down on others.
    Personally, I always try to be nice, even if someone asks for the 100th time "MY MODDED MINECRAFT CRASHED HERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER INFO FIX IT KTHXBY" or "MY SUPER LONG COMMAND DOESNT WORK", of course with the wrong tags. For 90% of questions I get a mail for, the routine is the same: Downvote, change tags, possibly close vote (usually modded Minecraft crashing), but also leaving a comment saying why I downvoted and what can be done, often leaving a wiki link.
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    This is great!!
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    unfortunately only happens 0.01% of the time.
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    @iSwimInTheC Welcome aboard!
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    Seems like you only know StackExchange from other people complaining about it, not from using it yourself. The type of comment that you're fake-quoting is exactly what would be deleted and, if repeated, could lead to a ban, NOT asking actual questions.
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