Student - Teacher renaming .c to .exe make the program executable ?

Teacher - Yes

A group of people stand up and walking to the door

Teacher - Where are you all going ?

Students - We are going to drop this class.

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    As they should.

    "respectfully, based off of that ignorant response it has become clear we will not be educated in this class."
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    @brettmoan the worst thing is a true story
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    I will add only a word and it will make sense

    Student - Teacher renaming .c to .exe make the program a executable ?

    Teacher - Yes
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    @pmso I will edit asap devRant allow me.

    A rant inside a rant sigh ...
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    Hey bro are you really "gringo"?
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    @elgringo so no Mexican roots?
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    @elgringo cool bro, bienvenido a devrant
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    Similar thing happened to me 2 years back. We had subject called Computer Security with some encryption techniques and some brief history of viruses. And teacher asked us "what is the definition of virus?". So, I stood up and told her, "it's any program or script which harms our computer and which is made intentionally for this purpose".
    She fucking responded that no one makes virus, they generate by themselves if you don't use computer for days or weeks... FML..( we didn't left class though.)
    And sorry for my bad English.
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    @lazysnail sounds like another bogus instructor
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    It really does. But not a valid one.
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    @andros705 no. since @pmso corrected the wording I thought it humorous to correct his.
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    So If u add .PDF to a .txt it becomes a PDF ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess
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    @lazysnail technically there might be some merit to to those claims. If you leave a computer turned off for weeks and then lick the keyboard, you might pick up a virus or two. Maybe repeated use of the keyboard keeps the germs off the keytops and on the fingertips instead.
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    Even I had a friend..
    He ask for help about transparency in image .
    So advice given: convert your image in to png format.
    He just edited extension .jpeg to .png
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    And if it's not working just rename it to *.log and check what happened ... ;D
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    I had a teacher for advanced document editing classes. He sayd that he is a pro and using MS Office since 12 years.

    I asked him if I have a .doc file and need it as a .docx file, can I just rename it?

    Teacher: yes that will work

    I told him to try and get ahead, well he failed and couldnt open the doc anymore. I explained to him that you need to convert it first in Word and then save it.

    I told him that I need to be here but I wont listen to any of his classes anymore, I just sit there and played Canabalt on my Computer over a USB Stick whenever he was giving classes.

    He sayd that I will fail the exam with such a attitude. At last I took the exam an passed with a perfect score of 98% (Degree 5.9). I had one of the best grades in this exam in my country 😂
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    I can relate so much to this!! Take my ++
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    Ayn Rand
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    @Gahan most people don't understand that the file format is determined by the data within -- or what a file really is.

    At least our designers know you can't just replace the extension to convert it, but they occasionally get files from other people (presumably clients) that have been renamed like that.
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    Tomorrow is the deadline for the algorithm course's assignment, which is to find an algorithm to solve the set cover problem (I guess not in polynomial time).

    Even worse, the program has to be written in C, a crappy language, IMHO suitable only for writing operating systems and really low-level code such as drivers, not everyday applications!

    And if I tell any professor (or student), they would reply that C is very popular, used everywhere, and by learning C, we learn how a computer works, and made-for-education languages like Pascal "are used by nobody", and are "virtually nonexistent".

    In fact, Pascal ranks above Go, R and MATLAB in the TIOBE index.

    What is your opinion on the first language for computer science students to learn?
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    I wish I had the nerve to do that when I came across those kinds of teachers... I just sat through the classes and put in my two cents rather decisively when needed :)
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    @pmso Ahh i see what you did there
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    @MoboTheHobo The teacher is always right))) so believe them after that
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    @keithrooney If you know the computer and programs so well, you may be interested in games.
    If yes, then follow the link, and maybe it will interest you?
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    I never had a "teacher" like this. My head hurts from the stupidity, especially in @synchronicity's comment.
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    So much hate.. so many comments...

    And yet the teacher was correct. As far as explorer.exe is concerned, the file WILL be executable.

    Whether it will execute successfully or not - depends on what's inside that file. But that's another question, that hasn't been asked.

    Why so arrogant...? It makes people look stupid.
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    One could remain in the class for entertainment purposes.
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    Unfortunately, at the university we periodically have such cases with teachers. Especially if the subject is on the study of modern technologies, and the professor does not follow technologies and uses textbooks that are already 20 years old. Last year, my classmates and I started a cool project with various essays on volunteering https://paperap.com/free-papers/... I think this is an important thing for society and we wanted to write an application to popularize volunteering among campus students. We wanted to present the application as a course project. But the professor did not understand why such a mobile application was needed and forced him to write a boring review based on books from the library. At such moments, I do not know how to change it, because the study of something new by university students can benefit people.
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    I think a great choice for computer science students would be the Python programming language. Python is a very easy language to learn, but it has powerful features. This language can be used for website development, machine learning, data analysis, and more. It also has a large user community that is ready to help students if they have problems.
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