I need professional advice. Or at least informed opinions.

I recently competed in a hackathon and won. My team wants to commercialize our idea. I'm worried that since we publicly displayed it, that the I.P. rights are a little "in the air". We NEVER verbally gave anyone the rights, and the rules of the hackathon don't even mention the words.

What would a legally savvy person do?

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    Was the entire project your idea? Did you code it for someone else? If the answers are yes and no go for it. If not ask your lawyer of trust.

    Edit: I am not a lawyer but I don't think that showing off something can in anyway hand the I.P. of something to someone
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    Yea totally original idea created only for the hackathon and no one else. I thought publicly displaying work could make it public knowledge or something?

    Also anyone know of the path to getting parents and stuff?
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    @stevemk14ebr don't think so. Also it wasn't public, you just showed it to the people who attended the hackathon
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