Why has programming become dependency management and third party paid libraries implementation?

I hate it.

I want to code some real hard stuff but everything is already made!

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    your rant shows how little you know
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    I hate it when it breaks the code and wait 1 year to get it fixed by the maintainer†
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    A lot of people never learned the lesson of leftpad.
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    because nobody has time to build a content management system from scratch. I tried once for shits and giggles and it was the worst thing I ever built.
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    @dissolvedgirl are you telling me my homemade TCP stack implementation in javascript is trash? But... but... I optimized it for my project.
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    Well, you could roll your own crypto library.
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    I just realized, that this shit right here is why we have new frameworks.

    I don't want to spend my life writing libraries to solve imagined problems. I want to write code solving problems I could not solve without the libraries that are available.
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    @jestdotty you know even less than OP. get rekt.
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    @donkulator what's the leftpad
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    @SidTheITGuy whats with this lame attempt for attention?
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    @dissolvedgirl Building hard stuff is what makes software interesting, at least to me
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    @Demolishun Thing is, the code you write nowdays is highly abstract, mostly you are using pre made stuff and most of the time, I am figuring out how some framework works.
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    @PurgeXenos lame attempt for attention? I just pointed out how little you seem to know about the current state of hardware. No, all the hard stuff isn't done, there's a lot of holes in software, even the ones we use on a daily basis.

    I can't even get started on how broken software is, you want to fix things? Take react and refactor it into some good and worthwhile.
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    @PurgeXenos True, I like figuring out how things work, and for personal projects, sure, however if you're on a deadline, you're insane for wanting to build it from scratch.

    LMAO I inherited a DIY learning platform when I started my current job and the guy put database credentials in every fucking PHP page that required user authentication. The server, password, username, everything in plain text in the public directory. I'm sure someone managed to figure out how to steal user data from that app before I started working there... He built the thing from scratch and it was so so bad. He should have used a framework for this project.
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    @dissolvedgirl same here when I first started here and I'm still telling them why it's bad. However, they don't want to change. And the spaghetti code... and classes in one fucking file with over 20k lines.
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