Code comments be like....

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    That's better than mine.
    Just a blank sheet of paper.
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    I'm more concerned about elevator though
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    Imagine being in the elevator when someone turns off the light switch...
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    @coolq exactly what I thought 😂
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    Yeah, I call bullshit on the elevator part
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    In fact here is an actual talk related to actually Hacking elevators https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    Damn somebody find this building if its true. Easiest way to get rid of dumbasses ever during a fire
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    Frontend "security"
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    @PerfectAsshole Elevators as soon as they detect a fire on the building they go to the first/basement floor and dont ever go back until a firefighter comes in, check the video link I posted, It says everything about the whole thing
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    @legionfrontier even when the motors have no power? I'll watch it when i have a minute though
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    @legionfrontier Properly built elevators. Last office I worked in you had to lean to one side so the elevator didn't get stuck, because the building was slanting. It had a large three-way switch for up/stop/down, and you had to switch back at exactly the right moment to get the elevator to line up with the building floor. Also, no doors, just little fences you had to swing open yourself.
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    @bittersweet I'd never take such an elevator. Holy shit
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    @aaxa I called it the toeslicer because when the floor of the lift passed a steel ceiling profile, it made a scissor like scraping sound and you had to make sure your feet weren't too close.
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    @bittersweet Hahaha, that's truly a killer elevator xD
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    It's not a bug , It's a feature :D
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    Sometimes the code look like something so familiar
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    We had a house once where the previous owners had installed a ceiling fan in the master bedroom, but wired it to the same switch that controlled the attic light (which was in the hallway). In order to use the fan in the bedroom, the attic light had to be on 😄
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    Oh, you did.
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