I don't want to trash-talk anyone's favorite programming language - after all, I get quite pissed if anyone rants about my favorite language, too! I'm not saying that VB .NET is a bad language. It really has its strengths, even more so for beginner devs. But is this guy serious?


I don't even particularly care for C# - mostly because I don't like Pascal Case and it's a Microsoft Original and I don't want MY source code spying on ME... But still... every single one of the points that guy tries to make is either IDE-specific, not a big deal or even an advantage in my opinion!

What bothers me the most, however, is the way he subtly tries to force his own opinion upon his readers. "It doesn’t matter if you disagree with everything else in this article: case-sensitivity alone is sufficient reason to ditch C#!" - quote end!

Real sneaky fella.

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    Is he fucking serious!!! Stupid symbols !! For fuck sake he must not be allowed to write shit on internet.

    && || are stupid!! Much wow! 😒😒😒

    And the case is an issue for him? 🙄
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    I only read the beginning of the article and I'm already triggered!
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    I read the fucking article. What a douche
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    And he is a "trainer"?
    Bet the most serious code he has written is some calculator that he copied from some book.
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    I think my favorite is the comparison between adding semicolons at the end of your lines and making a fire with wooden sticks. It proves that this guy has just decided that everything about C# is bad. His complaints are so silly.
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    What a tool. To compare languages based solely on the syntax makes no fucking sense to me.
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    I always took it as a troll article, and I prefer VB over C# heck, the unoficial devrant desktop app was built on it and it is simply beautiful! But the comparisons are funny, so I normally look at is as if the author was trolling and he won really! Developers are very sensitivr about their tools of preference. Me? Meh I don't care, people bash php all the time and I love it. One develops thick skin :P
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    Lol. Amazing article. Just laugh and move on. You will always find such people
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    All you ppl taking this serious need a) learn to read because you clearly missed the first paragraph of the article or b) look up what tongue-in-cheek means.
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    And now that I've actually started reading it... How the fuck does anyone here think this is a serious article lol. That author got his mission perfectly accomplished, triggered all the nerd rage programming language fighter kids :D
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    @Npstr damn... I totally missed that first paragraph. I started reading from the article's headline on down.
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