My career path across 3 companies

Flask -> Django -> Flask

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    Dear lord, that's why I'm applying to Java gig right now. Can't see python anymore. The language is too good. Boring as F
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    my career path is get up from bed and walk to my desk in next room

    ( getting up is optional )
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    @vane depressing. Working from office is so much better IMHO. Just make sure the distance is reasonable
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    @retoor seeing all those people everyday is disgusting

    I feel like watching slaves going everyday to get punched in their head. Getting fired, failed tests and exams.

    This feels more depressing for me.

    People needed to abandon their families for 8 hours to earn money to survive.
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    @vane nobody that is doing what he loves? But agree, we should spend more time with family
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    @retoor what they’re told they love by media companies :)
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