Banned from travel

I was going to go to France this month to meet with the people of my company and have physical training and ended up finding out that I have military service when I went to renew my passport.

Since I found out I have become extremely devastated, I either have to serve for 1 year or wait 2 years after I turn 30 in order to pay a fine and be able to get out of this fucking prison, the worst thing is I had planned this trip with my manager in December and had no idea about this shit, I also contacted my friends in europe to plan a meetup and then it all went down the drain.

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    cant u get a doc's note that ur medically unfit for it? break ur leg or something, it'll fix in 3 months anyway
    Better than 2y of slavery
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    Which country? How have you not sorted it out earlier?
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    yep which country
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    @electrineer @kiki Egypt, I had temporary exemption then totally forgot about it as you hand this paper to HR, topic only came back during the preparation for my trip.
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    @azuredivay No as they have their own military doctors, I'm not going to harm myself or cut my fingers to get exempt, that's just sadistic

    The only sensical way is to try and gain enough weight to become unfit for service, I am actually trying that right now but until now I am unfortunately losing instead because of my emotional state but I will try to keep at it.
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    @UberSalt wow. My condolences.
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    Does this mean the government can force you to leave your job?

    You can't travel until you give them 1 year, what if your job requires travel? You have to quit or get fired?

    No exceptions?
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    @lungdart probably the company couldn't fire him if he went and completed his service. He could come back to his job after the year as if nothing happened. But obviously, that doesn't seem like something he wants to do.
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    @electrineer Exactly, and for two reasons

    1- My status will be on unpaid leave for 1 year and the military does not pay me shit

    2-I am the only dev on my team, so I am sure they will have to replace me, I love the job and the people and just can't let that happen
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    @lungdart No not really, and my job does not require me to travel, but actually I needed this trip to get training and at the same time I did not travel abroad for 5 years due to the currency crisis and increased cost of living, my manager had also planned to bring everyone from other countries in order to meet me, feels awful just thinking about all this..
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    Don't we have nukes, drones and AI?

    Why do we need human soldiers?
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    Cause it's Egypt and they're an element of the chain on fire, @kanyewest. Don't get that there for numerous reasons.
    Ever watched that movie The Dictator, 2012 ‧ Comedy/Drama ‧ 1h 23m ?

    Honestly. How could you not know major citizenship rules of your very own country, @UberSalt. Unless you're just a posing twat, or whining about your country. Bonus if you're a disinformation "influencer."
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    Just one rant into your pity profile and I've got the reason why you're banned from travel ="D


    Pathetic little shit flaming about first world countries then wanting to visit and enjoy a peaceful time in Europe with colleagues.

    You @UberSalt, sir, are cancer.
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