It's time for us devranters to stop the ongoing war.

Time to love each other.

Also, why do Chinese people look like they're all cousins?

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    it's time for us human beings to stop racist shitfaces like you feeling like they have any right to voice their "opinion".
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    @tosensei Says the guy with women's hair.
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    @kanyewest that again? okay, let me try to get down to your level:

    says the "guy" who can't even stick with one account.
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    @tosensei Damn you got me good.
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    @kanyewest said the guy who is a ping pong boii. What a waste of father you are. really.
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    @SidTheITGuy If you could read, let's stop this war. Make peace 🤝
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    I can't see the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese. Chinese are better in math right?
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    @retoor Chinese are tan or oddly pasty
    Japanese have better angles, more right angles, their features look more perfect

    Chinese are aggressive, offensive
    say their S'es weird
    their language is the complicated circle things (not to be confused with the more alien looking complicated things of the Koreans, which kind of look cool)

    Japanese are passive, loyal, quiet, but take their work seriously, and follow orders well
    say their R's weird
    have pretty language, which looks simple compared to the Chinese with less lines and stuff
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