forget everything.
money, luxury and so on.
i want to go to a deserted island for survival. fish, fish and fish.

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    Less fucking do it man!! I will vouch for you 🗿
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    enjoy the plastics and weirdly rainbow sea water

    I was on the beach on an island 50 miles into the ocean, and they had an attraction of "colorful rocks beach"
    they weren't rocks.
    it was plastics of varying colors that had been molded down into beads, then integrated into rock formations, and would wash up on the shore
    my feet also got a rash from walking that beach. hives all the way to my knees.
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    Be careful what you wish for
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    I've spent over a decade living in poorly lit offices in front of computer screens. I can't go live on an island somewhere, my pasty white skin will bust into flames.
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