I got a crap raise — lowest I’ve ever gotten anywhere, and well below inflation — despite busting my butt, having somewhat better health and therefore productivity, etc.

I complained to my boss about it, and said it was insulting. He said that direct managers have zero say in raises, and instead it’s entirely up to execs and HR. Makes sense, since nothing makes sense at this company.

Anyway, he apparently talked to his boss, who talked with his boss, who talked with the execs and HR, and they decided to give me a raise on my raise, a whole $1k/year more, all the way back up to the usual insultingly-low 3%. Yay.

Their reasoning?
“Money is tight.”

The last all-hands?
“Record profits! Record sales! Record numbers across the board! And most of all: record profits! Give yourselves a round of applause for making this all possible!”

Money is tight, eh?
I hope they get smushed by a meteor, given a snuggle-struggle by a roving Somali gang, or kept warm for the rest of their lives by another Hawaiian/Californian wildfire.

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    They never respected you and never will, you do too much building and positive development and not enough destroying
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    It's this level of insanity and insults from corporate that rightfully makes employees decide it's time to update and shop around their resume
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    @RevThwack I agree.

    While you are at it, well, if you are at it root, do take some time to ask some collageues to "verify skills" in linkedin to get even more attention from HR. :)
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    @melezorus34 Maybe I should make a LinkedIn. I just don’t want to.
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    @Root welp, all I can do is give nonsense opinions and advices. You are free to do what you want.

    Also hey, since you are one of the best people who knows you, can you do me a favor and check if you are exhausted?
    And if you can afford it, in whatever way it means, help yourself to relax and let your - uh how do I put this again - concious relax a bit if you think that will help.

    and for the anxiety inside: nope, you are doing good. i just feel that the everyday bullshit can overwhelm every one of us no matter how used to suffering these bullshits we are.

    also boop. lol
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    @Root Yea looks like it's time to bail but damn do I get where you're coming from on this. It's such a hassle and that platform is a major cesspool
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    Smushed by a meteor? That's not funny. My favorite animal got smushed by a meteor. It's a real issue :(
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    This is how the rich got rich.
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    I'm thinking of leaving for the same reasons but apparently the grass isn't greener
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    @usr--2ndry they did this for decades and let the rest suffer.
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    *sigh* My employer is pushing the timelines to discuss raises and my boss told me they probably cannot match inflation in my country, which is a whopping 4.1%.

    There has been a 10% layoff and some key people also left, making work more difficult, but profits have been good, though less than expected given overoptimistic financial forecasts. These fucks thought 2020 to 2023 were normal years for tech lol. Typical bunch of assholes like most other execs in tech companies.

    Also, still haven't received my tax slips for fuck's sake and the due date is tomorrow. Someone is definitely bullshitting around. This is a goddamn multinational and they still cannot figure out this shit for all the time I worked there. Not like a good CPA here is expensive, especially coming from a company with a lot of american money.

    If I get 0%, I am leaving their ass asap as soon as I secure another job. I am alone on a single project which is a big dependency for other teams.
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    I’ve seen this at my company too, frustrating to say the least
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    The +$1k shows that direct managers (of course) affect performance raises. Call them (him) on their bullshit. What was his %? Counter with “record profits.” They (men) count on women not fighting back.
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    so you are still here, nice.
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