My Windows Computer is crapping out more and more with each "update".
Currently, it often hangs when shutting down or restarting. Completely out of the blue!
Like, I remember it updated itself a few days ago and now I have random problems, crashes and a few more bloat-/spyware apps that I didnt order.
Also, windows added a few more cryptic services to my OS that now phone home to all countries all around the world.
This is a nightmare!

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    I just noticed that the culprit may have been vscode, which has now completely uninstalled itself! Googling about it revealed, that this is an unfixed problem that first happened 3 years ago.

    You'd think they know what they are doing, but erm-erm. Negative.
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    @vlord lmao we should be thankful that windows doesn't see itself as a bloatware and delete itself

    Have you tried cleaning %TEMP%, which linux does automatically?
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    @melezorus34 I was hoping for windows to at least do that every few years :/
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