"Right click has been disabled on this page"
Well, guess I'm out of options, if only I could just hit f12 and take the source image anyway, or wget the entire page :( guess I'm sol

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    @Alice or screenshot that bitch! Or drag and drop to a new tab. Lol. I feel like at this point and for a long time, disabling right click is basically a waste of time and a few extra bytes of unnecessary code, I mean, if that's a security feature, they have some serious security flaws hahaha
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    @Alice so you're not really a developer. You weren't lying.
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    Stupidity like this is why NoScript is a thing l
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    @jespersh brilliant 😂
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    Or you could capture the image with a network sniffer
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    This is where the fun begins lol
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    @LeFlawk sounds risky, would it be wise to bring a towel for such an adventure?
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