This dude is using 4 screens for work. When I asked for another screen at work,
I can't convince my boss for 2, FML

To the dude who got 4 screens, congratulations, and sorry I used your image without permission. BTW
You lucky bastard

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    Not to be an asshole here, but I'd rather use one screen than using his chair, he even said it isn't a good chair :\
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    And another thing...WOW, it's so bright in his office! Kinda takes the joy out of any number of monitors for me. ☀☀☀
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    He probably gets RSI really fast if he continues sitting like that
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    I've got 3 monitors (I'm just a apprentice at the Moment). I luv my company
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    Don't feel bad, my company is such a piece of shit that 5 months into my current project (rolling off on Jan 1) and I'm the only dev without a desktop or monitors (most have two, some have one), I'm on a 15 in laptop, alt tabbing between the desktop and a VM, both windows ugh lol
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    Remote weeks are nice though... Considering there's a 43" monitor on my desk at home 😜🤤
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    I have 3 screens at work. I've though about asking for a fourth but I don't really need it.
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    In my previous company, i did bring my own screen. A 1080p, 23" bought for 15€ used.
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    I have 2 screens and getting gaming chair next week.
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    Monitors are so cheap, below 200 €/$ for a simple one bought by a company. And a second screen improves the productivity a lot. I just cannot understand why this Invest is so often a problem...
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    @MrThompson companies are SO used to saying no to employee demands that they have started to completely disregard demands even without understanding the need, alas

    Another thing added to the
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    Just tell your boss you can see twice as much code, twice as many bugs and thus be twice as much productive with 2 screens. Soon he will buy you four!
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    @gurumeditation tried something like that , reply was “try to focus harder, you’ll find the bug that way”, he went all jedi on me on that one
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