The only person responsible for the server maintenance has put in his resignation period in.

The other person that has access to the servers does not know the difference between production & lab.

Fun times ahead

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    i'd invest in popcorn
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    @tosensei I feel so conflicted about this job.

    I know I should look for a new one but i'm having so much joy watching this company fall apart. I love schadenfreude :D
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    Well, servers just work if you don't touch it
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    @retoor that's the problem. The servers don't work flawlessly because he stopped caring after the CTO left the company and his warnings remains ignored. He has been looking for a new job for months and has been very nit picky for his new one.

    They would even crash if you just slightly breeze on it
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    @wojtek322 if that's the state of the servers, maybe you should doubt if he was good at his job. Maybe it's time for a new guy
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    @retoor he is good at his job. Nearly all his time is spend on fixing other peoples issues because they are incompetent. He is competent at his job.

    The other person that is also kinda responsible for the servers is literally not following best practices. Like running untested python script to test load balance on production servers and not caring about the fallout (and accidentally DDOS'ing the servers). My soon-to-be-ex-colleague had to fix all these issues (and many more).

    The previous CTO took his warnings very much to heart and the CTO took all the responsibilities for the delayed updates. Now, he is gone and the new manager (not new cto) already crumbles under the preasure of the CEO and my colleague does what is expected of him instead of following what is best for the company and getting fired for not fullfilling his tasks.
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    @wojtek322 The CEO was unbothered he leaves, the CFO already panicks and the project manager is yet unaware
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    And where do you fit in this story ?
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    That happened with our primary (and only) security network admin, responsible for every aspect of securing our server environment.

    'D' was probably working 50 or so hours a week (D was virtually on-call 24/7+365) and his requests for more admin was met with "We can't cost justify..etc..etc, besides, you have J and P that can help". J and P were more hardware techs, no real experience like D.

    Fed up after a DoD attack he defended (TL;DR, he worked an entire weekend and told he had to come in Monday or use his vacation time), he gave an ultimatum, more help or he walks, they said 'no', so he put in a 30 day notice. The poop hit the fan.

    All of a sudden, there was budget for two more security admins, and a substantial raise for D (rumor was it was close to $200K), but he said no, too little, too late.

    D is/was very good at his job and documented everything. Over the next 30 days J & P were able to stumble around and take over. No where close to D, but good enough.
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    @Grumm Just a front-end team (2 people including me) that maintains a stable product and more maintenance needed updating a second product.

    Job security for me is quite good till they do budget costs to save the company. It's a lot harder to fire me (not a consultant) than everyone else of the dev team (all consultants).

    I'm really enjoying the drama & problems that this company have (see other rants)
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    management has made the decision and they won't be replacing this profile...

    I have very bad feelings since the person that will be responsible for this now... tried to access someone else localhost for over an hour till someone pointed it out... and he is a senior developer
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    RIP business.
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    Hope that the situation is better now for OP...
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    @Grumm Thanks, due our laws, your resignation period scales with how long you are employed there. His last day is in ~3 weeks. He did try to discuss his last day but the company refused and he is forced to stay till the maximum of his resignation period legally.
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