Ok... so I have a unique question/opportunity. I can't give all the details but here's the jist:

3yrs ago I was hired to consult a now prominent(still decently well known then) web-based company with many thousands of users, dealing with a lot of money and leveraging a social environment. They had several issues but initially they really needed me to find/train chat mods.

I did not take the offer for monetary reasons, like all consulting I've done, I had additional reason and/or fondness to fix the issues. In this case it was an interesting challenge and I knew several customers and some support staff so it'd be worthwhile.

They (without request) reduced their typical 2mo probationary period to 2wk for me. With less than a day left of that period, I was 'hacked' via a pushed telegram update, on the account they made me create for work purposes (they had control of the phone number not me).

During this 'hack' one of the 2, currently active, culprits sent a message to his tg account from the 'hacked' one and quickly deleted the entire convo. The other pretended (poorly) to be me in the chat with the mods in training (at least a few directly witnessed this and provided commentary).

Suddenly, I was fired without any rationale or even a direct, non-culprit, saying anything to me.

The 'hack' also included some very legit, and very ignorantly used, Ukrainian malware.

This 'hack' was only to a 2nd gen lenovo yoga I got due to being a certified refurbisher... just used for small bs like this chat mod/etc job. I even opened up my network, made honey pots, etc., waiting for something more interesting... nope not even an attempt at the static ip.

I started a screen recording program shortly after this crap started (unfortunately after the message sent be 'me' to the dude who actually sent it happened... so i still dont know the contents).

I figured I'd wait it out until i was bored enough or the lead culprit was at a pinnacle to fall from...

The evidence is overwhelming. This moron had no clue what he was doing (rich af by birth type)... as this malware literally created an unhidden log file, including his info down to the MAC id of his MacBook... on my desktop in real time (no, not joking... that stupid)

Here's my quandary... Due to the somewhat adjacent nature of part of our soon to be public start-up... as i dont want it to turn into some coat tail for our tech to ride on for popularity... it's now or never.

Currently im thinking, aside from any revenge-esq scheme, it'd be somewhat socially irresponsible to not out him to his fellow investors and/or the organisation that is growing with him as one of few at the forefront... ironically all about trust/safety/verification of admins in the industry.

I tried to reach out to him and request a call... he's still just as immature. Spent hours essentially spamming me while claiming it wasnt him but hed help me find whoever it was... and several other failed attempts to know what i had. When i confirmed he wasnt going to attempt a call, i informed him id likey mute him because i don't have time for back and forth bs. True to form he deleted the chat (i recorded it but its of no value).

So... any thoughts?

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    in my experience nobody cares and sides with the criminal

    I'm horribly nihilistic

    but ignore me

    🍿 *voyeurs*
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    @jestdotty oh i agree in most cases. This is something i could easily post online and kill the multimillion dollar company... and several others attached to the primary culprit would take a major hit while evicting him.

    There are ofc several gray hat-esq things i could do, and never be caught... but esp in recent years im trying to similate typical humanity.

    Im trying to not have a bunch of innocent/decent people get screwed over in the wake.

    Back when it happened I made some connections (not super obvious/easy to spot) with several of his acquaintances... he's the type of douche born with a silver spoon in his mouth and no one disillusioned or disciplined the arrogance out of.
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    @jestdotty I couldve shown him some of the proof and scared the crap outta him... but i tend veer away from those methods.

    Whether it's my handicap, iq/areas of acclaim, or any other factor that can be uniquely used to get a wanted result... i prefer not to use them. Maybe it's the spark of an idealist in me, but when it's about something that should apply to everyone, i really try to not pull out those aces....

    In this case, I have a few industry acquaintances that are very high up in some businesses this company (silver-spoon-douche is a large investor in) finally got contracts with. I wouldnt even need to give specifics or proof to get them to pull out... or do something like make this guy getting kicked out an ultimatum.

    I'm just hoping to do things in a way that a typical person, who was wronged by this douche, could.

    I'm not looking for money or anything like that... just the metaphorically cancerous douche out.
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    @jestdotty ive very rarely felt helpless... i have the opposite issue, i need to curb my abilities or it csn get scary
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    @jestdotty nah, i dont tend to naturally listen, much less give a shit, to what other people say. I need to actually make myself listen, it's not a natural thing for me like it is for others.
    How do i know?:
    - Multiple, unconnected, friends told me 'you see the world and everyone in it like a game of the SIMs' (cant argue, pretty accurate)
    - hs german teacher (who was very aware that i was not learning anything from his class, and was tutoring many of his german 4 students... he found it hysterical) would refer to me as "ikonoklast"(aka iconoclast if not obv) and some other choice phrases.
    - biggest proof imo, when a kid got suspended in 7th grade (small af school with no actual protocol for suspending or even detention) for bullying me, apparently horribly and for months, 2 other girls (not the type to cause drama or make up anything) reported it/him multiple times over months.
    still no clue what he did. No one would tell me, just hug me/cry/etc or say something like 'you're safe now'
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    @jestdotty "in my experience nobody cares and sides with the criminal"


    I just move on from jobs like this. Easier to find a new job than even bother with the risks and headaches some mindless asshole is creating.
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    @Wisecrack oh im not caring about any job aspect of this. It was 3 yrs ago and i certainly wasnt doing it for the pay.

    My point is that i, unlike most people who can or have been screwed over by this douche, have power, ability and irrefutable proof... so i don't think i should let him keep up this crap, especially when there are still decent people thatd be screwed and blindsided by him slipping up somewhere down the line. I just want to cut the rot out.
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