I added more engine coolant in my car while using my phone's flashlight to easily see the level of the liquid. I then proceeded to place my phone on the bumper, then I moved away to wash my hands.

Once done, I entered the vehicle and drove. After a few minutes I realized I didn't take my phone back, and I could never find it again.

I was diagnosed with ADHD, and my mom said it's because of that. I often place things without being mindful, then I forget about it, remembering when I need or, in this case, when it's too late.

But I won't have this as an excuse. I will figure out a way to minimize these events. A rule of some sort, to force myself to always place X on a specific place, for example.


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    When you place something, get in to the habit of taking a photo of it, the photo should show enough of the surroundings to recognise where it is. This then becomes your memory. Unless of course, it’s your phone that you lose!
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    Don't wash your car. Then you won't put your phone on the bumper because it's too dirty.
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    Serious hint, always place your phone in the inner pocket of your jacket or hoody and close If possible.

    I personally wear suits all the time when I'm at work, I have a "gilet" (the English word escapes me for the moment, it's like an inner vest) and I have a pocket at the chest specially made for my phone to put in nicely.
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    This isn't helpful, but I don't have ADHD and this sounds totally like something that would happen to me. Constantly lose my stuff everywhere

    I wonder how some people are so certain to blame something on a disease.
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    Get in the habit of doing Army style gear check. A quick pat of all your pockets to ensure you’ve got your shit.
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    @jeeper yes, I often do so.
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    Every time I find myself doing something else I catch myself and go through my mental checklist of what I was doing, what's on fire, is everything safe, should I clean up first
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