I won't use PNPM anymore.

Out of the blue I couldn't install anything anymore, because it accused of some I/O error. I couldn't delete node_modules because there is a .pnpm folder inside that "is not empty", and even with su it doesn't fucking delete. There is a god-damn .Trash-1000 in my folder that cannot be deleted because of the same issue.

Entering the .pnpm folder and attempting to delete the empty node_modules inside, the progress only shows "deleting node_modules", and "1/1", and it nothing happens.

Screw this PNPM.

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    less build tools, less problems
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    @jestdotty There seems to be some bad blocks in my HDD. I don't know if it was because of PNPM, but it happened while using it.

    There is a folder ".pnpm" with "node_modules" inside, where, if I run "ls -la", it shows "ls: reading directory '.': Input/output error:", and it cannot be deleted even with "rm -rf". There are two places with this problem, so no more PNPM. Back to good old yarn or NPM even.

    People keep trying to reinvent the wheel by creating things that already exist, claiming to be better. Sure mate.

    So now I am copying a couple of important files and pictures, and I'm going to gpart the fuck out of this HDD. PNPM is already out of my system and never again will I use it.
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    @jestdotty yet another one of these comments that could be avoided by 5s of googling
    it's not a build tool
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    No worries if you're having trouble with comprehending basic information shown on every site, how about a ChatGPT response 🤡

    "No, pnpm is not a build tool. Like npm, pnpm is also a package manager for Node.js, but it has some differences in how it manages dependencies and handles disk space.

    Build tools, on the other hand, are utilities used to automate the process of transforming source code into a distributable format. They handle tasks such as compiling, bundling, minification, and optimization of code."
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    apt is my favorite build tool
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    @jestdotty well it at least ChatGPT is sometimes correct unlike u 😂
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    @devRancid welcome to /s 🙃
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