Cannabis is now legal in Germany.

The beginning of the end of the war on drugs?!

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    If you can‘t beat them, join them! 🌿
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    it's to pacify the masses for 2030 depopulation green energy climate nonsense probably

    when I smoke weed I can't get mad. I think some people still can though. anger is used in animals to defend boundaries, territory, possessions, babies, their body

    those were dark times. instead of snapping at management being retarded I would just smoke weed to cope for it. otherwise I literally couldn't sleep at night because I was so mad. I viewed me not snapping as some kind of rite of passage. in the end I wasted some years of my life, because I probably would've gotten far more respect had I pushed things around and took my chances. instead they were left blindsided when I left because I didn't push very hard (people are dumb and really need you to push hard, turns out. ego problems), and are now insecure with newer devs, but also nihilistic because they course-corrected too hard, and I ended up depressed and feeling like I'm too alien from other people to belong with them
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    @jestdotty hey could u summarize a bit more?
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    Ha! For a moment you had me there :)))
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    @jestdotty smashing pumpkins?
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    This will surely influence many other european nations - but it might take a very long time.

    I think many types of national laws are very specific to the political tradition of that country, and to a large extent immune to influence from other countries.

    2 examples: In Sweden, Norway and maybe Finland you cannot sell beer above 3.5% in supermarkets, only from a govt store with limited hours. This has persisted for decades despite most other european countries not doing it that ay.

    Example2: Norway. Pro boxing was banned from 1982-2016 because they did not like sports that encouraged people to knock each other out. And there's a law that prevent large stores from being open on Sundays. Even large grocery stores are closed on sundays (with a small amount of exceptions)
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