"Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this job?"

No. Why do you feel you are the best company for me, if I am the one receiving a fraction of what the client will pay you once I finish the project?

"Please, submit a video or voice introduction of yourself".

No. Schedule an interview with me and get to know me live, motherfucker.

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    why would I know about every other candidate in existence

    I had a mock interview in college once and the guy asked me why should he hire me over everyone else. so I thought on it and I said I'm faster at my work because I don't mess around like others in my class do. then he suddenly gets aggressive on me asking me if I thought I was better than everyone else. I told him... he literally asked? why am I responsible for this trap lmao, it was your own question! you asked me to compare! it's not like I think that natively. what a crazy mofo
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    Please record video and say "Hi!" to stand out among the other candidates.

    LOL 100 people does it and nobody stands out anymore, I don't think I want to work with people who have that kind of logic/reasoning!

    Also, why is you wanna work with us?
    Because of the fucking salary!
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    "I couldn't possibly know if I'm the best candidate for the job as I haven't met them all. One might be the greatest developer that ever lived. I can only tell you why I think I am a strong contender."
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    @jestdotty doesn't matter if strong, tender or contender, this kind of questions sucks
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