I opened this app after few years.
It is something that needs many updates.
But opening it after 4-5 years, there are many tags which are showing up as undefined.

This app needs some UI updates.
Something related to coding, algorithms and something related to open source can also be implemented.
UX is already good.

This app could be a key part of developer's life.

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    Welcome to the devRant decadence era - try not to catch anything on your way out 🦠🤧💩
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    I wish the authors would make this platform open source and let others maintain it so we can revive it

    Would be fun
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    Has anyone contacted them about doing it?
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    Last update: Oct 2020. I can remake it with flutter if they open sourced it first.
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    If we are to burn those papers how long it will keep us warm in a snowy day?
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    the tags maybe are undefined because back then there was no separation between random joke etc i guess?

    the devRant api is very easy to use. And there exist open source clients for it!
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    if you look closely, I think you'll also find some tags with "[object Object]".

    It's a platform for tech folks, aka nerds. We tend to look for ways to break things. And prank others in witty ways.
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    But somehow it looks better than a proper working functionality.
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    that it even works still is a miracle. DevRant is abandonware kept alive by the most stubborn users with the least care for developer intent - other developers.
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    there are third party apps for iOS and Android, and third party API docs for you to make your own.
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