Someone asked for an RSS feed for the security/privacy blog, I thought?

Well, hereby! There are three feeds:

https://much-security.nl/main.xml - a feed which is updated with both blog posts and external links relating to privacy/security I find interesting/useful.

https://much-security.nl/own.xml - a feed only containing the blogs posts themselves. For people who are only interested in that part.

https://much-security.nl/external.x... - a feed only containing external links. For people who'd like to stay updated on recent cyber security/privacy thingies.

Tracking: every time a feed is visited, a redis value for that feed get's incremented. No time, ip addresses, user agent or whatsoever is saved. Just one variable getting increased once.

New domain name will also be revealed soon (probs tomorrow, going to bed soon as I've just been sick) :D.

Oh and just a warning, the main/external feed are the only ones populated with exactly one item right now :P

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