My tip for staying productive: **Don't**

Take a break. Take a few. Have a nap. Take a stroll outside. Enjoy life.

Life's too short. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Fuck productivity.

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    Sometimes being in the zone is fun.
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    Those 1 or 2 hour power naps are awesome!
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    So true.

    Many of us devs care about productivity, but we over-do it

    Quite often it over-productivity is not even helpful, wanted or appreciated

    If you work for a company for 4 years and worked your ass off during 2022 - no one is gonna remember it today. But if you burned out in 2023 they will.

    Might differ per culture..but at least in western europe it’s preferred to be a steady marathon runner over a fast sprinter
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    The more I'm in a senior position the more pauses I take, there's really no real life threatening business matter where people die if a task is not completed in time
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    @Demolishun I tend to do that in my spare time, so I can enjoy it more.
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