Im very very pleasantly surprised at my current job. They treat me like a God (that i am anyways). Free food free luxury hotel with spa gym and sauna. Free drinks free restaurants free trips free tickets. Free travel. I get everything and even an increased salary. I literally have nothing to complain anymore. For each time i complain i also have to admit honestly a well done for this company. I thought all of them are evil corps slaving people and treating them like shit which is why i wanted to become the shittiest darkest boss of ur nightmares. But seeing that some companies actually treat ppl with respect is new to me. Its irregular. Its odd. Almost too good to be true. it makes me reconsider to not be a nightmare boss and follow their steps instead. Only 1 Batman is enough to defeat evil instead of letting the evil infect good ppl like b2plane. Although im a shitmonster i am also like a bee; i sting only if i get stung first. The way how i get treated is exactly how i will treat others

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    Good for you but if your mentality is to become evil as soon as you are treated badly, you are NOT a good person.

    You are not like a bee.
    You literally want to punish innocent foreigners for things that you think were done to you by someone else.

    That’s the mindset of an entitled asshole.
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    Hope this is not a sarcastic post. If this is real, I'm happy for you and finally you got what you deserved. Also, hope I will not be seeing any shit posts anymore. Lol.
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    Do you still live your fantasy of that Instagram dude?
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    @electrineer shat ur asshole up
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    @electrineer they hooked up at the 5 Star Hotel. Unsure if HBGF was there too.
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    I don't understand. Just a moment ago I saw you post about how poor and shitty your life is.
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    @bosslogic morning shift and evening shift don't talk to each other
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    I didn't know one of the side effects of being bipolar is tenesmus!
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