How my day went.

Project Manager: We need deliverable X.

Me: That's not listed.

PM: But we need it. Other PM says what you provided isn't enough.

Me: Too bad. I was not told to deliver it.

PM2: We need deliverable X.

Me: Look at the requirements. It is not there. I'm not providing it.

PM2: We need it. Let me ask PM3.

PM3: We need deliverable X.

Me: No. It's not listed. And here's why it's not even applicable.

PM3: Oh....ok

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    idk what it even means "what you provided isn't enough"

    it wasn't listed and everything that's listed i provided, so what's missing?! 😵‍💫
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    So you should have said why it's not applicable in the first place to PM1?
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    @Kamikatze Noo, because then they'll give any excuse and tell you it's your job. Responsibility is more important than technical details. You wouldn't gift your time even if what you'd do is completely possible and even simple.
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    What are we even talking here? Was this discussing what would be included in the next Major Release?
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