I'm the only one who's subscribed to DHH blog's mailing list but is getting tired by all of his ranting about politically correctness, DEI and stuff?

I believe that DHH is one of the most insightful professionals in our field and I'm annoyed by SJWs too but I don't carefully curate my YouTube/social media content consumption (and completely stay away from Twitter since it pushes politicized content despite your best efforts to avoid it) just to get culture war bullshit (which I hate, it doesn't matter if it comes from the right or the left wing) straight in my inbox.

I hoped that at 44 people knows better than ranting on the Internet about overdone stuff, especially when they aren't "professional agitators" like Vaush whose livelihood depends on having people listening to your rants.

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    If I create a public repo, and name the main branch master, then I can filter contributors without actually filtering contributors. I think people have a bullshit level, that once crossed, they start saying fuck you.
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    @Demolishun That's a good reason to use "master" too.
    Personally after the stupid "main vs master" controversy anytime a tool tried to steer me towards using "main" as the base branch of a project I quickly rename that to "master" just out of spite.
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    @DEVil666 this is what I would call a "pro darth vader move". I am the master now!
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    i don't give a crap, if its called one or the other. I just use whatever's preset in whatever software i'm using atm.
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