I've just learned that our front-end application throws a simple 404 error when trying to retrieve an avatar that does not exists.

But our technicians/support use this error in the console to show the customers that there is indeed a problem with the application functionality but have unsufficient logging from the back-end to troubleshoot with their internal tools.

What a bunch of liars trying to keep the customer satisfied and it works relatively well :D

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    So it just displays the broken png image instead of a default avatar?
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    @devRancid yes so that error is pretty much useless.

    Since we do deliver also some hardware, the technicians need to go to the location of the customer and those colleagues don't have the backend tools to troubleshoot it. (cuz they havent been build)

    They just open the console, point at the red lines and say that this is the error and say that this will be send to the DevOps for further investigation...

    The customers are happy since it feels their problem will be solved but it probably won't be soon :D
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