Anytime I see someone put "future" and "AI" in the same sentence, all I can think of is spambots advertising crypto scams, or scams promising to recover the money you as an idiot lost to a crypto scam, or a betrayed lover who utilized our premium haxor services to confirm that their spouse did in fact suck off the entire Wu Tang clan.

To which I conclude: what future? It's even worse than regular advertising and much more expensive, a regression in nearly every way.

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    I mean, there is one dude on this platform which might need the services right now...
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    @Demolishun based on what I've read, I wouldn't blame her if she's sucked off the entire population of Serbia.
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    Finally people who understand how horrible AI can be.
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    But you are assuming that the word future is something positive and not merely an inevitability.
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