One of our frontend developers was legally blind and was responsible for design.

He did leave his company around 3 years ago but the company was happy with him & his work. What a weird combo :D

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    The most important parts of frontend and design are non-visual, but this doesn't sound like that was what he was working on. Maybe he has an advantage because he couldn't navigate the usual spaghetti mess that gets thrown over Internet, so he ends up creating something better?
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    @electrineer Well, we had no designer back then so he had to create the designs also.

    But apparently he was working on a 800x600 screen with his nose nearly against his laptop screen. I just found it amusing.

    And to be fair, his code was/is good quality. No denying in that.

    (probably should have tagged it with "random" instead of "rant")
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    Legally blind doesn't necessarily mean no sight. But also I bet they kick ass at accessibility.
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