finally fixed up my busted laptop and set everything up in a new environment

went back to my old codebase, which evidently I lost more code for with that failing SSD than I thought...

got acquainted again because my memory is so garbage I don't even remember what I did really

got into it, played around a bunch
it became night and I hyper so I do my exercising routines to calm my messed up nervous system or whatever
go to sleep, wake up 4 hours later but I need more sleep
stay awake for an hour, my brain intricately redesigned the codebase and expands the feature base by like 80%
I am annoyed it's thinking so much
eventually tired myself out, get sleepy, fall asleep
wake up 3 hours later
I feel like crap and I remember nothing of the codebase yesterday much less are able to think about it

why and what just what
why you do this, body

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