Why in all fucks would you NOT preconfigure your language client BUT provide a shitload of highly biased default shortcuts just IN CASE some sorry soul took time to preconfigure one.

I'ma be totally honest here, Neovim has lost its way. Every single day I pick it up there's a fuckton of shitty new default bindings...

But that's not the worst of it

You see, they've cramming all sorts of shitty code in there. Like this one default commenting plugin... It does in 600 lines what my setup does in 50. Why? Because, while mine uses the lpeg lib maintainers decided to cram into the editor, the other does a fuckton of hacks so fucked that refactoring is impossible, impossível! Despicable.

Now, their C codebase... Ok, ok arena beats vanilla malloc, alright, kudos to that, BUT refactoring out that old fart of quasillions of legacy C? MADNESS! They should be focused on adding built-in auto completion??? Well-defined syntax highlighting conventions? A FUCKING FUZZY PICKER for fucksakes!! But, oh no, we've got better things to do like FUCKING THE USER IN THEIR ASSSSSSS



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    @jestdotty yeah, I hate vim, but I hate vscode more
    there's some people using this thing called lazyvim. It's like "vim for lazy people", a guy even wrote a book about it. https://lazyvim-ambitious-devs.phillips.codes/...
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    As a peasant that has never used vim or eMacs, I’m curious. What are the benefits?
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    @ars1 quite a lot, my favorite is that it turns people into code crunching animals. It's like as if programming becomes a MMORPG and you can run as many bots, mods, hacks, etc, as you like and it's fairplay
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    but not like vscode where everything needs an extension. with vim/emacs you write that line of code right there and then and get on with your life
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    @kobenz I’m trying out lazyvim now, it looks cool and more importantly it makes me look like a hacker so I may go to the local cafe and whip it out.
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    @ars1 yeah, heard only good things about it, never tried it though. I'm not a big fan of folke's plugins. I find them visually distractive

    I like echasnovski's, but you can't look at the code, if you look at it you'll cringe
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