We have gotten a rebranding 'document' that we have to implement. It contains 1 image, 4 colors and a new font excluding the font name. Nothing more.

How the fuck did the company pay so much for something so bare bones...

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    My project manager gave his honest opinion about the previous version I did not see... and they listened.

    They added #ffffff & #000000 as color and removed the font name from the document.

    What an improvement
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    I agree it sounds like a low effort job

    But I sometimes view this a a doctor health check: if the doc says nothing is wrong - was it a waste? Nah, sometimes you want a pro to assess if there are any problems or not.

    Like if you run a Lighthouse check on your site and get a perfect score - the check was worth it even if it concluded there’s no relevant change necessary

    But yeah - sounds like a bad effort. Cause branding and design is usually something designers wanna change according to trends or experiments - every X years - even if there’s nothing wrong with it
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