Why 95%+ devs are bad ???

Just did a recruitement for a post opf Principal Engeneer with possibuility to be CTO.

375 candidats at first interview.

Only 8 remaining for second phase

Our of 8, only 3 managed to complete a small code test.

Outr of 3, one asked for (I shit you not) 700k$ salary (lolz).

Out of 2 remaining, 1 just decided "I did for lolz to see if I get an offer so I can boost my current work salary",

Leaving us with only 1 candidate...

So fucking time consuming.....

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    “I did it for lolz”
    what a legend
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    The 8 to 3 kinda says change your first round of interview. That's something that should be fairly easy to eliminate on and is wasting time.
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    this is so confidence boosting

    but also when I did interviewing that was also confidence boosting, because it basically went the same way. 200+ applicants, 15 interviewed, by the time they got to me there was 5, only 1 guy managed to do fizzbuzz on a provided laptop, internet, and unit tests already pre-written
    I don't even

    I don't even know what's going on with the industry lmao
    it's wild to me I got rejected once. what are other companies doing?! lmao
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    @jestdotty fizzbuzz was the final round? What was the first round, were you testing for enough intellect to master basic toilet use and if they can spell their names or not die when using scissors?
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    These fuckers are lucky. Where are these easy places? I have to fucking leetcode, design twitter, all this other shit people want to hear like how I led a team to develop the next iteration of chat gpt all while disproving relativity for fun in order to get a position as a dev at the mc fuckernuggets toilet cleaning llc and baby diaper mill
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    Something is very wrong with your HR process.

    1. use an automated coding test plaform, before any technical interview.
    2. Make sure your HR bot (human? doubt) knows what you are looking for, and filters correctly.

    375 CV they went through, does not mean they were all senior dev CV.
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    @TeachMeCode I actually worked for that company a second time and everyone was onboard to hire me yet I had many interviews

    it was kinda strange because... I got contacted by a dude I formerly worked with who was now a director, and he bribed me with a high salary after asking me 3 times and I kept laughing it off but then was like ? you're serious. so I said ok

    then in the first interview HR secretary gave me a salary 30% higher than what he offered me (he probably didn't know how much devs make...) and I guess just wanted to know if I understood the job / position and nature of the employment

    then I had an interview with who would be my official manager, which I don't even remember... I think she just glowed about how good I was and my reputation and giggled a bunch

    then the lead dev interviewed me and glowed about me, but also asked me a weird trick question which i was confused about but she sort of laughed it off in the end
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    there was zero talk of code, but I attributed it to the fact I had written most of their software 6 years prior lol, which they kept informing me they were still using and hadn't changed at all...
    the odd question the lead dev asked me was "how do I know the quality of your code" which was stupid because I gave them my CV and it had my code repos on them... but most notably, and I replied with it, that I had written the software they all keep glowing about right now? idk why she didn't foresee that answer. she looked angry when she asked it, then she froze when I gave that answer, then slowly her face turned to awkward laugh... omens!
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    that's not 95% of devs. that's 95% of people who apply to the positions.

    good devs usually _have_ a job they can keep, so don't need to apply that often.
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    @jestdotty WTF I have to prove to everyone I interview with that I’m a god from mt Olympus, I had no idea there are places that have “can you code anything” tests as the last step outside maybe interns
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    @TeachMeCode interviews are all dumb luck, sadly. Sometimes you just remember or know exactly the thing the interviewer is asking. I’ve never been in an interview where I thought I could pass it literally any day of the year, forever.
    You can of course increase your chances by preparing, but that’s all you do. Increase your luck roll.
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    @TeachMeCode I think it's all personality fit and nothing on coding

    in my experience with coding even if I did everything right they just pretend it was the coding when it was actually just my presence made other people uncomfortable and this was extremely obvious but people won't admit to that lol

    internally also non-coders will vouch simply for people they get along with, and that will be HR, managers, and possibly the executives

    technical is just a really small part. idk if this is common either, but it was said by many people I worked with and is the way my brain thinks is right -- you don't need a person with the skills, you need a person you can catch up to the skills. so even if you don't know the tech and bomb the technical, as long as they feel like you get along and they can teach you it shouldn't matter

    I always know absolutely nothing in the tech til I get my hands dirty. what am I psychic, yoda. you don't know what you're inheriting
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    Is the position still open? 🙌
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    Why the hiring process is broken? Why are people responsible for hiring that can't even master the English language in times of autocompletion and AI?
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    @jestdotty Preach. Sometimes, it's just your pedigree.
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    This post makes it seem like the company would’ve hired hundreds of devs if they were good

    Is it confirmed that only 3/8 passed the simple test? Or did they just eliminate 5/8 because the goal was to reach 3 final candidates?
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    You asking "why 95% of devs are bad" when you didn't even interview that many and have this questionable interview process says a lot more about you/your company then the people who applied for the role.

    You should review your interview process and for a role like this, the salary (assuming it's in the US) doesn't seem that unreasonable (especially for interviees who make close to that much to demand this to jump the ship).
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    @Berkmann18 yeah no.

    60% of candidats are like "I was carptner until last month, I took a boot camp in nodejs and now I'm ready to lead full .net team"

    Then you have : "Yeah I'm against using DI, it's way to complex"

    Or : "Why would anyone uses interfaces, like ever ? lol"

    or : "Performance scale can alsways be resolved by money spent on infra"

    Or I have 1000 more examples.

    Theses people, it's useless to send them technical test. You already know they are not a fit.
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