> systemctl enable --user pocketbase
> Failed to enable unit: Unit file pocketbase.service does not exist.

> Cat into ~/.config/systemd/user/pocketbase.service
> File exists.

Thanks for confirming you are shit systemd. I would love to see this happen in OpenRC or any sysv-like rc for that matter.

Fucking morons on a stick

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    You won't.


    SystemD was designed for that case, OpenRC not.
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    It may be the order of your cli arguments.

    systemctl --user enable pocketbase

    Still fails?

    Run the following
    systemctl daemon-reload

    Then try again.

    If it still fails, increase the logging verbosity
    SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug systemctl --user enable pocketbase

    And see if you can tell what fails.
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    Yeah daemon-reload is the correct answer
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    Problem is in an OSI L8
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