Masters in CS or Placements(Infy) ?

Germany or ETH Zurich, Europe or University of Tokyo?

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    If money is not an issue, go for masters.
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    That's your decision really
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    Ever considered not wasting your time on university?
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    Also it doesnt matter, both eu and jp universities are in the milanese system, you could go to the smallest noname one in the eu an study the exact same thing you would in zurich.
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    @NoMad Those come at a later point...Money is an issue, That’s why I chose Germany!
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    @theNox no clue...plenty of choices!🤷‍♂️
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    If you really do want your Masters do it now. I wanted mine, but was tired of school and thought that in a few years down the road I'd just do my masters on the side while working. After a few years of working I can definitely say I no longer have the urge to do it and will probably never get it even though I'd still like one.
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