me: so can i use strlen?
intern: no!! you need it implement it!
me: *calls teacher* hey can i use strlen?
teacher: yeah, do as you please. who told u you can't use it?
me: *points at the other guy*

whoops i think i just got him in trouble today xd sorry not sorry, i want him gone so i can replace him hahaha jk

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    Isnt strlen like 3 lines of code tho?
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    Must you implement your own `if` as well?
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    @BindView yup

    size_t strlen(const char* string) {
    size_t len = 0;
    return len;

    Exactly 3 lines
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    @BindView it is but if they dont let me use it, ill have to implement the other string.h functions i used and have more functions and ill have document it too and its a waste of time when theres already a lib for that

    @IllSlapU ofc i havent xd u made me implement the whole damn library
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