Any wordpress developer?
I have some question.
1. How many years you are working?
2. Are you freelancer or what?
3. How much earned from your job?
4. In which country?
5. Tell about job future

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    7. Why did you start? Life can be free and beautiful
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    1. 2 years
    2. Work in company
    3. 12,000$ in year
    4. Iran
    5 and 6. I think wordpress is fine but i don't like it too much and i want leave it behind 1 or 2 years later
    I like js such as nodejs and python
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    7. Because of money. In my country wordpress has job and people can earn money from it
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    I'm proud I never touched WordPress or any other CMSs.
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    Good for you, what is your major project you ever done? Can you give us your github link?
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    @devlife I'm a student, currently learning django. The github link is on the profile.
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    1) 12 years
    1.1) 6 months of wordpress is enough to want to commit suicide.
    2) never freelanced
    3) enough to eat, more would be nice
    4) That lonely large blob at the bottom of a map
    5) being full stack already, devops would be a nice step forward.
    6) see 1.1
    7) i was young and dumb once too.
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